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If you would like to subscribe to Concealed Carry Magazine from the USCCA, we can sign you up for a subscription.

Call to Arms is proud to offer the USCCA's outstanding Concealed Carry and Home Defense manual to our students. This book is very possibly the finest resource, to date, for students wanting  illustrated reference materials for CC and Home Defense. This book provides a thorough review of what is taught in CTA's Advanced Concealed Carry course and is provided as part of that course.

For students who have taken or plan to take Handgun 101 and 102 but may not be planning to take the advanced course, it is available for sale for $27.95 + tax.

Those who take Call to Arms, Handgun 101 or CTA's Advanced CC Course will receive our Student Information Packet CD, a two sided 4x6 Laminated Range Card, a two-sided 5 x7 Laminated Handgun Correction Chart and a 4x6 Laminated Sight Alignment/Sight Picture Card. All provide tons of infomation for new and experienced shooters alike.

If you have not taken Handgun 101 or CTA's Advanced CC Course and would like to purchase them, they are available for sale for $21.95 + tax.

If you would like to join or to renew your current NRA membership at a discounted price - contact us today!

The dues for a 1 year membership or renewal are $40 - from CTA $30.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP ONLY $600 until July 31st, 2017!

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