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Q. Do I have to be an NRA member to take an NRA Course?

A.     No, you do not have to be an NRA member to take any NRA Course.

We do suggest that you become a member of the NRA for its many

membership benefits and  to protect your Second Amendment rights.

Q.      What equipment will I need to attend one of your courses?

A.     Since each course has different equipment requirements we will send

a “Gear List” to each registered student, along with other information and

paperwork, prior to each class. Ear and eye protection is required for all

classes plus comfortable clothing appropriate to the season.

Q.     Do I have to bring a firearm to the 1st Steps+?

A.     No, we provide everything that you will need for the class.

Q.     I own a pistol may I bring it to the 1st Steps+?

A.     Yes, you are more than welcome to bring it. If you do bring your own

firearm, you will be responsible for providing your own ammunition.

Q.     Do you conduct private classes?

A. Yes we do. We hold classes for individuals, couples, families, groups

of friends or organizations. Please contact us to schedule a class.

Q.     Will you come to us to teach a class?

A.     Yes, if you can't come to our facility we will conduct a class at your

location. You would need to provide a classroom and range facility.

Depending on the course, we would have a minimum student


Q. Is a deposit required to attend one of your classes?

A.     Yes. In order to register for one of our classes a deposit is required.

We do not accept credit cards but a personal check or money order check

made out to CALL TO ARMS LLC is fine.

Q.     Is the deposit refundable?

A.   Yes and No. If you cancel one week prior, we will refund your full             deposit. If you have to cancel because of circumstances totally beyond you control (i.e. natural disaster or death in the family) the deposit may be applied to a future class... if we receive notification at least 24 hours in advance of the class.

Because of the small class sizes and the fact that we have extensive setup and preparation, prior to each class, plus we have to reserve (and pay for) range time, whether you show up or not, we cannot refund your deposit unless you have contacted us within the timeframe listed above.