A few letters from recent students...


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for today's terrific class.  I learned a tremendous amount of valuable information.  The environment you provided was conducive to learning in all areas such as material covered, lighting, seating and temperature.  Practiced in my field of IT for more than thirty-years, I all too well understand how patient one has to be in training a newbie!  Each of us have to take pause, then realize how much knowledge and experience we have in our respective fields.  From this, we can not only teach better but also not feel overwhelmed as a newbie, as I had a tendency to today.  It is said that we can consume an entire elephant…that is, one “byte” at a time!  You made me realize that one does not have to know all there is about every gun to enjoy the sport.  All he/she has to know, as you stressed, safety above all, then everything there is to know about our handgun of choice.  Great job!

The take-home information package is terrific!  There is a tremendous amount of information contained within it.  I have not had a chance to look at the CD you provided.  I am confident it too is jam packed with great resources.  I was thrilled to see that many of your PPT slides are included in the NRA guide.  What a terrific resource!  The included test is terrific.  Budgeting time to concentrate, I will partake of it and quickly learn how much I retained.  

I had a BLAST at the range today!  As with you, Kamal is very knowledgeable as well as helpful.  His guidance was invaluable!  Please pass along my thanks to him also!  I laugh because his voice and grip/trigger advice is voice-imprinted in my mind!  His persistence to assist was the reason I saw marketable improvement the longer I practiced.   Since I don't have his email, again, please pass along my thanks to him.

Again, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity.  Your service today was well worth the cost!  After reviewing what I learned today, I don't know how anyone can be a responsible gun owner with it!  I look forward to moving forward, to learn, and make sure this hobby remains fun!       Ralph

Kim and fellow instructors,

Nick and I  want to thank you for another great day with Call To Arms.  You guys are the best teachers. You are not intimidating, and make learning challenging but fun. We look forward to Handgun 301. Nick is proud of his accomplishments. I knew that all those hours spent on XBOX Call of Duty would pay off somewhere down the line!     Rich and Nick


It really was a pleasure taking the 2nd course, and the instructors did a wonderful job.  I greatly look forward to taking another class in the future, and hopefully I will be able to get in some occasional practice.  Never underestimate the power of beginner's luck. Best wishes for the rest of your summer.  Take care!     Michael  

Hello Kim,  

Frank and I enjoyed the course tremendously.  We weren't sure what to expect in this course, but found each step  fun and practical.  We both learned a lot and I  (Barb) was so happy to have hit the gong with my last shot. Yes, please keep us informed about future courses and we will practice every so often.Thanks to you and the rest of your team!  You are all very seasoned instructors.    Barb & Frank.

Hi Kim,

Had a great time again   Dave


I just spoke to Nick and told him how great the course was. He is excited about attending - especially shooting the 22AR at the gong. Thanks again for a great day at the range - you all are top notch and I feel so much safer and effective with a handgun after each course. I am looking forward to CTA 301!    Rich


The class was wonderful!!! Very informative and a wonderful learning experience. We are going to practice and practice that's for sure. I will be sure to pass the word around about your class and how great you and the instructors were!

Thanks again,     Heather

Mornin' Kim,

Thank you for your time, and effort, in making the rather dry Utah material interesting, and fun.  And for keeping us all awake. We enjoyed the class.  If I hear of anyone else needing the class I won't hesitate to recommend you!   Cheers,   Alice

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for the excellent First Steps Plus Class. I learned so... much. It was so professionally done and informative.  You didn't even roll your eyes when I asked questions! Thanks again,   Nancy

Kim and Walt,

Thank you so much for the class!  My mom and I had a great time and learned a TON. We will definitely stick with it!   Nikki

PS - I'm working on my fiancé to try shooting!

Hey, Kim, we had a GREAT time yesterday.  I took one of my targets to work with me to hang on my bulletin board! We will definitely consider some of your other courses.  You and Walt were both wonderful teachers, very patient and encouraging, and I enjoyed getting to know both of you.

Many thanks,  Lisa

Thank you Kim!

I had a great time and enjoyed the course very much. It was exactly what I needed and something I should have had a long time ago. I appreciated the professional manner in which the class was conducted and was impressed with the knowledge and experience of all instructors. It was extremely valuable to me. I am especially grateful for the invitation to be able to contact any one of you with questions.

I am very interested in my next step in training and will make arrangements with you after A great deal of practice of the basics learned yesterday. My thanks to you and your partners. It was well worth it!!!  I look forward to the next class.

Best regards,  Gene

Dear Kim,

I am writing to once again thank you and Walt for the excellent training session this past Monday.  As you know, I stumbled upon your website while searching for a certified Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Class instructor.  I was originally concerned because you were located two hours north of where I live, but after all the hype on so many other firearm training sites, it was very refreshing to find the Call to Arms- Firearms & Self Defense Trainers.    

Even though you have a great website, I still tried to find a closer training facility that offers the Utah course, as well as, a NRA First Steps course.  Surprisingly, customer service doesn't seem to be a strong point in the firearms training field, except for your company.  You were the only person to reply to my e-mail and then you responded to all of my e-mails in a very quick and professional manner, no matter how small the question.  It didn't take me long to realize I was going to be driving two hours north to take your courses.

Once I arrived at your site it was apparent by your professionalism, as well as, the classroom, you take firearms training very seriously.  The environment was comfortable and conducive to learning. The courses were organized, concise, hands on, and easy to understand.  I was also pleased to find that the text and other materials for the First Steps course were all NRA publication.  I have been to so many courses where everything is a photocopied mess.  As a state certified EMS instructor, I truly appreciated the quality of both courses.  It was apparent that your commitment is to the student and the material that needs to be covered!

Your technical knowledge is outstanding and even though the old adage of those who can't do, teach, it certainly does not apply to you or Walt.  The practical portion at the range was the icing on the cake.  Your instruction and guidance was unbelievable, I left the range not only confident with my safety skills, but also walking away knowing you gave me the skills to continue to practice at any range.  The time you and Walt spent on the range was incredible and I never felt rushed.  I knew both of you were there for as long as it took to complete my training.

I just want to end by thanking you once again for the great experience and to let you know that another two hour drive is definitely in my future.  I am looking forward to my next course.   Boz

Thanks, Kim.

It was a very good course and I learned a lot.  You, Harry, Walt, and Steve are excellent instructors.  I'll be practicing my skills.

Thanks,    Jay

Good Morning Kim,

I enjoyed the course.  Good group of instructors, great presentations, lots of knowledge on the topics.  I am going to push myself harder to get to the range at least monthly.  

Gene and I spoke about the 201 course and are interested in attending - we'll contact you when we coordinate the schedules.  

Best regards to you and your wife as well as Harry, Walt and Steve.    

Take care,   Jim


Renee, Mike and I would like to  thank you, Harry, Walt and Steve for your patience with us.  We thoroughly enjoyed both the classroom and shooting aspects of the course, especially the shooting!  You are all great instructors!

As I previously mentioned, we are interested in further courses, e.g. your "201" course, and concealed cary/personal protection courses, both inside the home and on the street.

I would appreciate your letting me know what you think we should take next, and what timing would be appropriate.

Thanks again!    ED

Hi Kim

The class was one of the best investments I've ever made, thank you!  

As I said, it was a great experience and I definitely want to continue learning and practicing. I'll just summarize by saying . . . if you saw the news this morning -  three home invasions over the weekend, oh yeah, I'll be back in class! Please extend my thanks to the rest of your team .  .  . they were great.   Chris

Hi Kim!

I just wanted to thank you for everything!  We did well because we were TAUGHT WELL!  You and your instructors did a tremendous job! Also, can you please keep me in mind and let me know when you have the next pistol class?  I would really like to attend that one as well. Thank you again!    Stacey

Hi Kim,

I just opened my email to send you a note of thanks.  Everything from the brochures, to the classroom portion, to the instruction at the range was very professional.  At one point during the classroom portion I looked around and there were four men just waiting to share their knowledge.  It was great!!  I will certainly recommend this class to anyone I know that may be interested. With regards,   Coady

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the pics.  All I hear from Stacey now is let's go shooting!  You guys created a monster.  I have to say I was quite impressed with the whole operation.  It was a pleasant, relaxed environment and all four of you guys were professional and personable with no attitude whatsoever.  The knowledge I gained will go a long way. I'm much more comfortable with and respectful of my handgun.  I've already joined the NRA.  Thanks again and I look forward to the next course.     Dave

Hello Kim.

Thanks to you guys, we all had a great time. We really enjoyed the class and all of us learned something. As one trainer to another I want to commend you guys on making the class enjoyable. Everyone of you was polite, courteous, knowledgable and most importantly made all of us feel comfortable. No one made any of us feel belittled for any lack of knowledge or skill we may have had or thought we had.  It was a great experience and I look forward to coming to another class with all of you. We will pass the good word about CTA.      Steve


We both had a great time shooting! And your team makes it very enjoyable and stress free. Thanks again.      Randy & Nancee

A big thank you to Kim, Walt, Harry, and Steve from CTA Trainers for a great day of learning and shooting. If anyone has ever thought about getting firearms training, check these guys out. Very knowledgeable guys, safe and fun training. I will be going back. Thanks again.   Bill

Dear Kim,

I learned a lot from the class. Everyone was very patient with me. Looking forward to the next class. Thank you.     Christine


Thank you, I really enjoyed myself last Saturday.  I certainly will be out practicing and look forward to the confidence builder sessions.  I definitely feel more comfortable having a gun in my house.  

Thanks again!    L

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to thank you and Walt again for such a terrific experience.  You both managed to succeed in educating all of us and boosted our confidence level. I did not know what to expect from this course, but it far exceeded my expectations and those of  my husband and mom. I really appreciated the extra effort/attention given to my mother by both you and Walt, she was so scared of making a mistake and being yelled at or even worse made a fool of. She came away from this experience so confident and had such a great time, she can't wait till the weather is warmer to start practicing again.  I never, ever expected that.  Both my husband and I really, really enjoyed this course since both of us have been away from this for such a long time and having to try out different caliber and type of pistols was such a plus to us.

I am so glad I found this course to take, it was informational as well as being able to actually find out what was the best fit for all of us concerning protection and to just have a great time as a hobby that this will turn out to be. You should be very proud of your team and  yourself for providing such a great course, it is a very valuable resource you provide to the community that is currently under siege by undesirables.

Thank you again and to Walt for a fantastic experience.  We will be in touch! You and your team are well worth the price, how can you put a value on peace of mind and your life.      Janine

Dear Kim,

A VERY sincere thank you for a wonderfully complete, polished and HELPFUL course yesterday!  I could see your attention to detail in presentation and instruction.  I LOVED the shooting portion (surprised myself on that one!).  I will be leaning heavily on you, Walter and Harry! I DO plan to follow the training agenda you suggested, so please keep me in the loop with scheduling etc.

Please extend my warmest thanks to Walter, Harry and Steve, AND Darlene for her warm hospitality.  I learned SO MUCH and felt my inner voice keep saying, "Yes, you CAN do this."

Thanks to you and all involved, with great appreciation,       Nancy


Thanks for a great weekend.  I learned a lot and had a great awakening on the range. Harry was a great asset and I want to share with you what I wrote to him.  He also allowed me to shoot his LC9 and shared with me his thoughts on the Kahr CW9.

I will most assuredly recommend you guys and I look forward to future classes.     Craig


Nick and I took the 1st Steps course together in October. I took the course to keep Nick company. I have always been afraid of guns and Nick felt some exposure to an NRA instructor would be of benefit to me.

The course was very informative and I learned a lot about safety

and the workings of the gun. When I got to the range and saw two other "newbies" shoot I thought "how hard can that be, I can do this".  However after I shot the first round my fear of guns overcame me and I became terrified that I would hurt someone. My range instructor calmly and patiently led me back from my place of terror into a comfortable place emotionally and I was able to finish the range practice. I felt embarrassed by my actions but no one treated me like a “scardy-cat”.  I was allowed  to continue at my own pace.

I never thought I would be able to shoot and now Nick and I are planning some time with the targets!!. Thanks for all your help.    Mary


I really enjoyed your class and wanted to thank you for all your help. I am going to practice and get ready for the spring Personal Protection in the Home course. See you again!   Barbara

Dear Kim,

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement.  I enjoyed the class very much and look forward to getting out and doing lot's of "good" practice. I want to thank you, Harry, Steve for really being wonderful and patient teachers.

I will be in touch soon, I am ordering the book and now hopefully this weekend going out to purchase my gun. Again, thank everyone for me and for being patient with the "Lefty".  Hope to see them all again at the next course.   Kim


Thanks for a great day of instruction and fun.  My son had a ball and said he wished he was old enough to buy his own gun. Most importantly, we both feel safe handling a firearm. I will certainly recommend your classes to anyone interested.   Rich

Dear Kim,

We do want to say how impressed we were with all the instruction excellent you had given us.  I never expected that four experts would be present on Saturday to help us along.  Not knowing what to expect, I was really impressed with the safety practices surrounding shooting of a loaded weapon.  Thanks to all of you!   Barb (and Frank)


I truly enjoyed taking the class and learning the basics about handguns! You and all of the instructors offered great advice and truly helped me feel comfortable handling pistols. Thanks for your expertise and insight!  


Dear Kim,

I loved the class and learned a ton. All of you were so professional and

well informed. Your knowledge and skills are shown well in the class room

and in the field. I never felt scared or worried about my safety. That says a lot too being a naturally nervous person. Especially around guns. But your confidence shined through and relaxed me to the point I was able to absorb all of the important information. It all gets me excited for the next steps. 1000 shots is A LOT!!!

I plan to practice shooting on a regular basis. I haven't decided on what gun to buy yet but I'm sure it will all fall into place as soon as I get going.

I cant thank you enough for including me in your classes. I feel safer

already just knowing you. Hope you are well and look forward to shooting with you in the (hopefully) near future.     Heather