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The goal of this course is to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to either avoid or survive a violent confrontation and its aftermath. This is an in-depth course designed for those who want to go directly from the CTA's Handgun 101 or NRA Basic Pistol Course into a personal defense, concealed carry and home defense course. A center-fire pistol (9mm, .38 or larger) is required* for this course. This is NOT a course for someone who just wants to learn to shoot... it is a course designed for those who want options in these turbulent times.

If you plan to carry concealed and what more than just basic knowledge - this is the course for you!

Course Length: 5 hours (Classroom)     

                   3+ hours (Range)*            

                   Total Course 8 hours  

The course is generally taught over two days but can be accomplished in one long day, if necessary. The cost of the course includes the USCCA Manual, CTA's Material Packet,

and range fees - you must provide your own firearm and ammunition. See Handgun 201 for Equipment Requirements.

Class Size: 4 Max

Prerequisite: CTA's Handgun 101, NRA/CTA 1st Steps PLUS, NRA Basic Pistol  or CTA's Handgun 201

Lesson 1:  Course oveview

Lesson 2:  Developing a Personal Protection Plan

Lesson 3:  Handgun and Ammunition Choices

Lesson 4:  In-depth Review of Shooting Fundamentals

Lesson 5:  Legal Use of Force

Lesson 6:  Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath

Lesson 7:  Gear and Accessories for the Permit Holder

Lesson 8:  Skills and safety evaluation at the Range

Lesson 9:  Range:This Course incorporates CTA's Handgun 201 Range Training*

Lesson 10: Course Review

*Click Here for information on Handgun 201

Course Cost: Call for or email for pricing.

Contact us today to arrange a class that fits your schedule... Call 570-579-8886 or email info@ctatrainers.com

CTA/USCCA Advanced Concealed Carry Course