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Since you are reading this, you have either purchased or are contemplating the purchase of a firearm – most likely for self-protection at home or very possibly outside the home as well. You may have already received your PA Concealed Carry Permit or are planning to apply for one soon. You possibly have no experience at all with handguns or you may just need a refresher. Whatever your situation, this is the starting point and the course for you!

This course is designed to make you a safe shooter, capable of practicing correctly on your own.  It will not make you an expert, only practice will do that, but the knowledge you gain in this course will insure that you can safely and confidently handle a firearm. All firearms instruction at the range is one-on one and the classes are private.

Handgun 101 is a hybrid – it contains virtually all the elements from the NRA's Basic Pistol course plus instruction directly from the USCCA's world class concealed carry program. It is designed to provide the basic infornation needed to safely carry concealed, plus  information for home protection.  After the classroom portion you will have the opportunity to fire several different firearms and by the end of the course you'll have a good idea of what type and caliber firearm might suit you best. (This is why we suggest you put off the purchase of a firearm until after you've taken the course – if you have already purchased one you are welcome to bring it and use it toward the end of the class.)

This course is ideal for an individual, a couple or a small family group.

Course Length: 7 to 8 hours* (Includes travel time to the range)  

Class Size: 1 or 2 Students (Varies with family groups)

Prerequisite: None

Lesson 1: Introduction to Pistol Safety

Lesson 2: Introduction to Ammunition,

Lesson 3: Handgun Parts and Operation

Lesson 4: Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

Lesson 5: Introduction to Pistol Cleaning, Storage

Lesson 6: Shooting from the Benchrest & Standing Positions

         (Use of .22 cal & Center Fire .380, .38, 9mm, .40 & .45)

This course is generally taught during the week and runs from 8:30 AM to approximately 3:30  or 4 PM. By special arrangement, the class can be scheduled for a weekend.

Course Cost: (Call or email for Pricing )

(Includes all Course Materials, use of our pistols, ammo & range fees, plus you receive a CTA Certificate of Completion - which is acceptable proof of training for the Florida CCW and several other states that require a firearms training course.)

Contact us today to arrange a class that fits your schedule... Call 570-579-8886 or email info@ctatrainers.com

*  If the 7 to 8 hour time that it takes to complete Handgun 101 is too long for you to finish in one day, it is possible to break the course into two sessions. In addition, if it's not possible to devote the time to a full-day course, check out the half-day, Basic Handgun Course.

CTA's Handgun 101...

The Starting Point for Concealed Carry & Home Protection