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CTA's goal is to have all of our students' progress to the  point that they are competent and confident with the new skills they have gained in our introductory Handgun 101 course , Basic Pistol or 1st+. This is the point where advanced skills for concealed carry are introduced.

New students, who have just gone through our version of Handgun 101 need reinforcement to insure that what they have learned has “stuck” and that they are training correctly. More advanced students, need the same type of reinforcement, but at a different level.

Handgun 201 will insure that they are progressing, practicing correctly and in addition provide them with new skills. This is why we are so excited about this program. It is the successor to our confidence builder class but adds in the additional training. Make no mistake - this is defensive pistol training and will introduce you to self-defense skills by using a combination of the USCCA's & CTA's training methods.

• The course length is three plus hours - at the range.

• No classroom component.

  (Unless combined with CTA's Advanced Concealed Carry Course)*

• Cost is $175/ person* (includes range fees) 

• Private classes available - call for pricing!

• 2 to 4 students per session MAX!

• One-to-one instructor to student ratio on the firing line!

Prerequisite: Handgun 101, 1st Steps+ or the NRA's Basic Pistol Class

*Click here for information on CTA's Advanced Concealed Carry Course

By special arrangement, this class is available for couples   or private groups, at a slight additional charge... reservations   must be made well in advance. (A minimum of two people/class)

Handgun 201 Equipment Requirements

• Center-fire Handgun with two magazines or

  speed  loaders**

• A Minimum of 200 Rounds of Ammunition

  (250+ Preferred)

• Hearing and Eye protection

• Clothes appropriate to the weather


Advanced Beginners and Intermediate Shooters:

If you have not taken CTA 's Handgun 101, 1st Steps Plus or Basic Pistol Class, you are still welcome, however, you must attend an evaluation of your skills and safe firearm handling that would take place a half hour prior to the start time for the class.

Contact us today to arrange a class that fits your schedule... Call 570-579-8886 or email info@ctatrainers.com

CTA's Handgun 201... The Next Step!