UTAH Concealed Carry Course

The Utah Concealed Carry Permit is the Gold Standard of Concealed Carry Permits, against which, all other CC Permits are measured. Call to Arms is offering the Utah Concealed Carry Permit Course on an “on-demand” schedule.

Unlike Florida and Virginia, which accept our NRA 1st Steps and Basic Course as proof of competency (we will help you obtain those if you attend one of our basic courses.) Utah requires a four plus hour course, which includes classroom instruction (similar to that offered in our NRA 1st Steps+ course) plus an in depth review of Utah & Federal firearms laws. An instructor who has trained in Utah and has received Utah's Concealed Carry Instructor's Credentials must teach it. (Note this is a classroom only course, no shooting exercises are required.)

If you are a resident of a state that is a “shall issue state” (i.e. Pennsylvania) you must obtain one prior to applying for an out-of-state Utah Concealed Carry Permit... though one is not necessary to take the course - you have one year to apply.

Our UTAH CC Course is UNIQUE and will save you money. You will not only receive the instruction mandated by the Utah BCI but additional instruction about “how” to carry concealed. PLUS something that NO OTHER UTAH CC course offers... two passport sized photos (required for Utah and Florida CC's) - a $25 to $45 value - ready when you complete the course.

At Call to Arms you will receive the instruction, as mandated by Utah, plus Concealed Carry information and recommendations PLUS two passport photos all for only $150 for one person or $135 for two or more.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

In addition to the UTAH CC Course, if you need or want the Florida CC Permit  - your will need to take CTA's Handgun 101 Course.  We will provide you with a certificate accepted by Florida as proof of firearams safety training. If you are interested in taking Handgun 101 let us know when you contact us about the UTAH class  and we'll setup a date. A link to the Florida CCW site is on the forms page.

Contact us today to arrange a class that fits your schedule... Call 570-579-8886 or email


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